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Trainyard Tech's ROUTEMASTER™ NX Control, and SHOVEMASTER™ Flat Yard Control systems are built on the same platform as CLASSMASTER™. Moving away from proprietary components, Trainyard Tech systems run on the latest Microsoft Windows platform. This provides unprecedented flexibility, ease of installation and maintenance. Leverage complete end-to-end control on one, integrated, user-friendly system.

Currently operating in 15 locations ranging from NX routing control to full flat switching yard process control, we can build a system to fit your specific project. Our control systems offer safe and efficient rail yard control, customized to fit your needs. With over a century of combined experience, Trainyard Tech engineers have a deep knowledge of rail yard equipment. We are confident interfacing with virtually all field equipment, new or old.


Redundant I/O servers and hosts in hot-standby configuration ensure reliability. Custom Graphical User Interface shows the full yard and all device statuses in real-time, across the facility. Multiple workstations and user profiles simultaneously provide accurate data and specific permissions to all operators and maintainers, aiding in communication and providing information they can act on.

Highlights of the system include:

  • Realtime status for all yard devices

  • Loggers - Daily, Event and IO

  • Individual Switch Control

  • Sophisticated Entrance/Exit route control

  • Integrates seamlessly with CLASSMASTER

  • Custom realtime Graphical User Interface

  • State-of-the-art lightning protection

  • Highest quality, fully pre-wired and tested Bungalows

  • In-house testing from switch to screen

  • Redundant hosts and I/O servers in Hot Standby configuration

  • Available full function wireless Tablet for remote yard control

  • Available maintainance terminals in each bungalow

  • 24-hour emergency line answered only by an engineer

  • Rail Yard Simulator for operator training and development

  • Graphic Playback to review past events

Trainyard Tech offers excellent system maintenance. Clients have access to a 24-hour emergency assistance line, answered by a Trainyard Tech engineer. Issues are tracked on our Help Desk system. Users can log in to submit incidents and requests, and track the status of all service tickets.

A lifetime warranty on Trainyard Tech application software accompanies all projects.

Currently Operating:

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