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TyT Reporter

The Trainyard Tech Reporter highlights yard trends and simplifies troubleshooting. It was built as a way to analyze how a hump yard is running and view the history of events in the yard in a concise manner.


The Reporter can be used to quickly view performance to find room for improvements in operations. Yard Supervisors can quickly find time humped in a shift vs time in idle or trimming as well as the average coupling speeds.


 It can also be used to drill down into details of how a device performed or controlled. Yard maintainers and technicians no longer have to hunt through several log files to explain why the system handled an event in certain way. The details of the cars specifications and how the system handled the car from the AEI to coupling point are all available in one place.


It is constantly being updated to give you new ways to look at your hump yards performance and putting detailed system information just a click away. 

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