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Rail Yard Simulator

Trainyard Tech's Rail Yard Simulator allows for controlled development and testing of a specific rail yard's system. 


Used across our platforms (ClassMaster, RouteMaster, etc.), the Simulator mimics real-time inputs to the system.  Using the actual HMI (Human Machine Interface) from a system, processes can be initiated, observed, and interfered with.  Car routing can be controlled. Field equipment, inventory systems, and servers can be monitored and changed on the fly. 


Field equipment failures and abnormalities can be triggered to observe system reaction and communication.  Your process solution is created, built, tested and refined all inside our development centers.  This allows for the maximum amount of testing and development to occur prior to on-site implementation, saving time and reducing cut-over issues.  


Trainyard Tech engineers test all Systems Upgrades and New Features using the Simulator for stability and feasibility analysis.

We also utlize the simulator for operator training. The simulator allows us to engage the operators in a low-pressure environment. Not only does it allow operators to freely experiment with the system, but it gives us a chance to receive feedback directly from the end-users.

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